Over 95% of our supporters are drivers, fans, promoters and racing spectators. If you or your business is part of the racing community, where better to invest sponsorship dollars than in a qualified non-profit charity whose support consists of your target market. If you or your business exists outside of the typical racing environment, don’t feel like you have nothing to gain from sponsoring one of our events. What you may not know is that race drivers, fans, car owners and promoters are part of a “community” and often refer to others in this community as “family”. By choosing to sponsor one of our events, you and your business will expand into a whole new market.

Business Sponsor- Business sponsorships are unique in that they vary based on timing, purpose, type, event and location. As a result, a specific donation request or level or sponsorship cannot be determined, nor can the recognition package for said sponsor be developed in advance. Contact us today to learn how you can expand the reach of your business and help others affected by cancer at the same time.

* Sponsor an event at a track near you
* Sponsor merchandise trailer
* Sponsor a specific fund-raising project
* Sponsor a specific “gifting” event (visit “Our Impact” to see a few ways we have gifted funds)

Many other opportunities available throughout the year. Contact Jessica at (319)239-4737 or email [email protected] to learn what opportunities exist today!