Kickin’ Cancer’s Butt One Lap at a Time®

It was one little girl who began her fight to “Kick Cancer’s Butt” that sparked a “Krusade” of friends, family and community support for her family. However, it was less than two years later that her family joined the “Krusade” in an effort to lead Karsyn’s Krusaders as it formed its new purpose in 2010…to Kick Cancer’s Butt One Lap at a Time®.

Our Purpose as a Cancer Charity

2014 KJ Posing PicIt is the belief of the Karsyn’s Krusaders founders, Andy and Jessica Miller, that small actions, thoughts, deeds and dollars can make a profound impact. By creating, coordinating and implementing initiatives and providing awareness, Karsyn’s Krusaders – Kickin’ Cancer’s Butt One Lap at a Time® gives individuals an active and unique opportunity to turn simple actions and giving into something significant.

Each year, proceeds from fundraising are donated to 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations that support our mission as selected by our Board of Directors. The funds are distributed through partnering with chosen organizations and are directed by Karsyn’s Krusaders in ways that are believed to make the most impact in the lives of individuals who have been affected by cancer.

YOU are what makes this charity possible and changes the lives of so many!

Kickin’ Cancer’s Butt One Lap at a Time® is simple…

The original and easiest way to support Karsyn’s Krusaders is to purchase and proudly wear your KK gear at a track near you!

To become a driver, team, business, track, promoter or individual supporter, visit our get involved page or call 319-239-4737 today to see what our partner, sponsor and “krusader” opportunities can offer you!